Robotics and Machine Learning

The field of robotics focuses on manufacturing, designing, and creating robots. Robots are machines that can work similarly to humans by processing some instructions coded inside them. However, scientists are trying to construct robots that can think and behave like humans without providing them with codes. Robots are the helping hands of humans. They are widely used in different fields of work. By seeing the significance of robots, it is expected that robots will soon replace humans. They are used in the field where humans cannot work, like in any dangerous area or area with excessive heat and temperature.

Machine learning, as the name suggests, is used to teach machines but it is different from AI. The field of robotics is incomplete without machine learning. Machine learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that gives power to machines so that they can make decisions without any external instructions. Machine learning is responsible for generating intelligent machines. Machine learning incorporates the theory of learning from past experiences. Machine learning has many applications including speech recognition, medical diagnosis, image recognition, and so on.

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