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We have developed an anti-ragging drone that works on computer vision and self-assessment algorithm
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Our drone analyses the situation around itself and with the help of image processing it can detect violence around itself.

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We have developed a nano spy drone for our military
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We also have developed a nano spy drone that can silently capture all the footage of the enemies base without leaving any shreds of evidence behind.

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This long-range UAV can visualize in multiple spectrums and with the help of A.I., It can detect unwanted activities in non-trespassing regions.
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The RUDRA ROBOTICS Private Limited company provides automated assistance with the help of robotics machines such as the Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) and the Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) so that we can counter the most important problems of the nation such as the providing assistance to the farmers in farming, maintaining law and order on roads and highways, Mitigating security compromises on borders etc. In this way, we will help people in upgrading the standard of living and ease their hectic works of people by providing robotic assistance.

We People are also excelling in the field of education and are providing awareness and backbone to the students so that they can explore the field of robotics and automation and can take a step forward for making their own projects so that our nation can be equipped with advanced technologies and more and more people can upgrade their standard of living.


Our mission is to support the youth of the nation and to give them technical as well as consultancy support so that we can bring the major and important technological advancements such as automation in farming, machine assistance in the hectic and rigorous fields such as traffic control, delivery, pollution control, medical, military etc. 

Our first step in order to mitigate errors and increase the accuracy in the society and work culture is to introduce robotics to the foundation of humanity that is education, this is our starting point where we can train the youth and introduce them to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning so that they can implement their concepts and can develop various solutions in the domain of robotics and automation in order to solve the problems that we are facing in present and make life easy for the future generation.



We have trained many students and teachers in developing various projects in the field of robotics and automation. Students have performed well and also got selected in competitions of ISRO, DRDO, and much more.

Recently we have trained students and teachers in 500+ schools of Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Our experienced trainers and mentors have good skills in bringing the talent of students so that they can excel in their future fields and understand the practicality of the subjects.